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My name is Victoria, but really only my mum called me that, so to most people I am Vicky.  I started East Coast Laser Clinic after a full career in the food industry as a Group Technical Manager travelling the world but only really seeing the inside of food factories.  I wanted a better life and a more balanced life so I left my job and retrained in Laser Tattoo Removal and Carbon Skin Rejuvenation.
I was trained by Rhys from Intermed Clinic and passed all the necessary qualifications and health inspections by the local council.  I have met lots of lovely people and really enjoy helping them to feel better about themselves, whether it is removing an old tattoo, or their faces when they see the results following the Carbon Skin Rejuvenation.  I pride myself in always going the extra mile and provide free after-care advice to ensure you get the best possible results.
I regularly do special offers, so please ensure you like my face book page to be included when these happen.
Aloe Vera is the best product to use following any treatment by laser so it was a natural progression for me to start using the number one brand in the UK. They start with the Aloe inner leaf gel and then add the other ingredients to their products.
I have loved being a user of all the Forever Aloe range  so much that I am now a distributor, and highly recommend this business to friends.

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